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Going Nowhere
The Guardian
The Bizarre Guide To Russia
One Small Steppe
Scotland On Sunday
The Joy of the Wasteland and Other Tall Tales
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Travelling With An Anti- Tourist  
The Bookseller
A Brief Interview
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Photo: Dmitri Ozerov
A Place In The Slum
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Daniil Kharms: Today I Wrote Nothing
Guardian Unlimited
Glaubensstreit auf heiligen Hainen
Russland Magazine
Vissarion Christ: Siberian Saviour
Arena Magazine
On Salvation
Full text of Esquire Interview
Strange Telescopes
Book Depository
A Top Ten
Book Depository
Poland Diary
Cut up and spliced into Guardian Books Diary  16/11/08
Nuda z podtekstem
Reading the Ruhnama
Guardian Unlimited
Last Postcard from the Golden Age
Traveller Magazine
Anti-tourism & Underground Planets
National Post
Red Eye1
Fox News
The LBJ Robot
The Onion
On Strangeness
Red Eye2
Fox News
Journey into the Passed
Austin-American Statesman
A Government Commission
RIA Novosti
Сила диктаторского художественного слова
Paradise, Texas
Another Magazine
Nas asas do tédio
Folha de São Paulo
A Short History of Turkmen Literature
Publishing Perspectives
Turkmenistan's Tragicomic Publishing Revolution
Publishing Perspectives
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Was My Father
The Times
The End of the World is Here Again
The Spectator
The Lost Books of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Publishing Perspectives
Requiem for a Russian Mobster
When Falls the Coliseum
Death Wish: Why Are We so in Love with Apocalypse?
Big Journalism
Andrei Platonov Uncut
Requiem for a Tyrant
The Spectator
Joel Osteen: The New Face of Christianity
Observer Magazine