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Hello, I'm Daniel Kalder. Welcome to my online chambers.

To the right you will see the cover of my latest book,
The Infernal Library, which is the
world's first study of the dictatorial canon, that is to say, books written by dictators, that
is to say, the worst books in the history of the human species. You can listen to me talk
about it
in this informative interview or dive into this essay on the novels of
Mussolini and Saddam Hussein (among others)
. You can order it here.  

In the UK it is called
Dictator Literature and it can be ordered here.

Below is some information about my other work. Thank you for stopping by.


Daniel Kalder

STRANGE TELESCOPES is a book about a journey from the sewers of Moscow to the
edge of the arctic circle, via a mountain in Siberia where I met a former traffic cop who
claims to be the Son of God. To learn more, please click

LOST COSMONAUT is a book about a physical and spiritual journey into the void,
complete with pagans, AK 47s and a city dedicated to chess located in Europe's only
desert. To learn more, please click


Features, book reviews, blogs, columns, travel articles and general mischief can be
found in the
Reading Rooms.


A brief outline of my life and times.


I made a documentary about Stalin for the BBC. You can listen to it here.


Please click here.


Strange and terrifying imagery from my travels can be found here and here.