I used to take photographs for my books. Maybe I will
again one day. Here are some images from my archive.


‘Why are you taking a picture of that?’ asked Mike, as I
aimed my camera at a ladder leaning against a yellow
‘For my photographic project.’ I answered.
‘What project is that?’ he asked, a smile at the corner of
his lips.
‘The secret history of the world.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘ I take pictures of the things everybody sees but
dismisses as unimportant.’
‘Like a ladder leaning against a wall?’
‘Or graffiti…or peeling paint… or a dead dog. There is
beauty in all this stuff, if you stop and look at it- if you
learn how to look at it. I am creating a vast archive of lost
moments and neglected epiphanies.’


Via the image to the right you may enter the bewildering
world of STRANGE TELESCOPES. Originally I intended
this book to have no images whatsoever as I conceived
of it as a voyage into invented parallel realities -- which
cannot, of course, be captured by any camera.

Later I changed my mind and resolved to take pictures of
what I could, especially among the Vissarionites in
Siberia. Then I changed my mind again and stopped
taking photos.

This on-off war against photographic representation left
its mark and as a result the image record of these
journeys is decidedly fragmentary. You can fill in the
gaps with your own imaginations.

All photographs by & copyright Daniel Kalder unless
otherwise indicated. Ask permission before reproducing.
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